His work may have come a long way from the arrangements he created on his grandmother’s estate, but he remains humble and grounded. For him, success comes down to a simple philosophy: “Enjoy what you do or do something else!”
He says: “I love that every day I am able to bring beauty into our lives through floral and event design. It really doesn’t get any better than this for me.”

A true creative talent, Michael Walls has become one of the nation’s top floral and event designers. His unique style has attracted the attention of not only high-profile clients but that of the media and his own colleagues who awarded him the honor of Best Floral Design.

Michael Walls

From the beginning, Michael knew that creating beautiful environments was his passion. His career path began in his grandmother’s garden in Little Rock, Arkansas, where she allowed him to pick any flower he wanted. She nurtured Michael’s early talent for combining color, style and shapes and the two took great delight in how these creations could transform both a physical room and elevate a person’s mood.

Several years later, when working at his aunt’s flower shop, Michael learned another important lesson that would help him succeed: creativity and talent alone aren’t enough to run a business. Soon after, Michael enrolled in the marketing and business program of the Christian Bothers University in Tennessee and upon graduation completed his event education by taking internships and positions with interior designers, caterers and event planners. 

When Michael moved to Los Angeles, he was well-versed in all aspects of event design and he joined a leading entertainment and event company. But his plan had always been to have his own business so in 2000 he struck out on his own. Immediately upon opening the doors to Michael Walls Florals and Events, he was in demand. His design talent coupled with his Southern charm and graciousness was a winning combination, literally.

Michael won the coveted Special Events Magazine Gala Award for Floral Design. The award, judged by a panel of the world’s top event professionals, recognized the fantasy environment Michael created for the wedding of Los Angeles Laker Derek Fisher. And recently the feminine English Garden wedding he designed for Laila Ali, daughter of Mohammed Ali, was featured in People magazine.